The other day I put on some Judy Garland at work and my colleague told me this story:

I work for this older man who used to be a popular photographer in New York during the 40s and 50s. Now that he’s realized he’s getting towards the end of his life, he pays me to help him organize his life’s work. One day I came across some pictures of Judy Garland and asked him to tell me what she was like. He said the day these pictures were supposed to be taken Judy requested at the last minute for him meet her at the hotel  where she was staying. When he got there, Judy’s eyes were puffy and dark. It was clear she’d been crying and had the smell of mixed boozes on her breath. Her husband at the time, one of the many men she married during her life, had left her earlier that morning. Judy blinked up at my boss and asked, “Would you kiss me?” Boss got all ruffled, telling Judy he had a wife, that he was just there for work. Judy said, “It’s just a kiss. It would make me feel better after the day I’ve had.” My boss did kiss Judy Garland. He said it might have been the saddest he’s ever been. 


"It’s important to forgive."
"Who do you have the hardest time forgiving?"

give it to me now 

Dad stepped on a rotten two by four with his steel-toed boots made more solid by Carolina red mud. He snapped the useless wood beneath the pressure of his weight and tossed it over the low lip of a barrel full of trash he’d lit on fire. It was how he disposed of things before the rain became less frequent and the city changed the law.  

When I asked him why he didn’t toss the board in whole, he answered, “Breaking it gets the job done quicker.” 

We stood together with the creek half-dried up behind us, watching the wood burn blue then black then disappear. 

I was seven then. I am twenty-six now.

The doctor assures the patient his feelings are perfectly normal. Most patients who have bypass surgery experience unfamiliar vulnerability inside their own bodies. It only takes a few months to heal, but one may find normal activities unnerving for some time. Picking up the children, mowing the yard, carrying the groceries. The patient may experience intense anxiety that his chest will suddenly snap open and his insides fall to the floor. This, again, is perfectly normal. 

The sternum is broken to access the heart. For hours, it is exposed. Arteries are replaced like car parts. The patient’s chest is then held together with mesh wiring until it heals. The skin is sewn shut.

Breaking, even when it’s your father, is still the most efficient method for change.

look at this housemate making a documentary with runner Ryan Hall like a boss. 

the station wagon we all called “the blue goose”